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Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #01

We arrived in Zurich, Switzerland a week and a half ago today. It’s gone incredibly quickly, and I feel like I have just started to get into a groove of life here. Just in time to pack up and travel to the next destination: Belgium (via the Champagne region in France for the weekend to check out wedding venues! Eee). It’s definitely different travelling with a baby, and I have a whole other post mulling over in my mind about travelling with a baby (it’s going to be called Travelling with a Baby: Just Stay at Home and Hide Under a Table Instead). Just kidding (Kind of). It’s hard, but when has anything worthwhile ever been easy?

My first impressions of Zurich can be summed up in one word: Efficient.

We arrived at the airport on a Monday morning. There was a long queue for passport control, so we decided to make the most of the toilet facilities. Changing the baby and freshening ourselves up with wet wipes. In the meantime, another plane had landed, so we decided to just line up at the end of the long queue (which attracted no new people, and we remained at the end of. Of course).

By the time we had gotten through passport control, the screen which displays the carousel number for baggage collection had already stopped displaying our flight number. The fiancé did a tour of the carousels, and came back with both our bags before we both went to collect the pram from the same carousel. We managed to save the pram from two men who were whizzing around on a cart with a small trailer attached, obviously on a mission to scoop up all the unclaimed baggage. #swissefficiency

When we went to the train station (to travel between terminals), there was a plane full of people waiting for the next train on the platform. There was one platform with trains running every 3 minutes. I was expecting a massive crush with people getting off the train having to push through the sea of people waiting to board. But when the train pulled up, the carriage that we were going to get on was empty (even though the first half of the train was packed). What?!

It was then that I realised that there was a divide on the platform. And I could see people getting off the front half of the train behind the glass wall, as we all jumped on the empty back half of the train. They’ve thought about things, these Swiss people. #swissefficiency

It’s also of course absolutely stunning in Zurich and has been unseasonably warm. I definitely have a skewed vision of Zurich as we have had two weeks of glorious weather in September. Now I’m just trying to convince the fiancé that we should move here. As it’s obviously always sunny and awesome 😉

Buildings in the old town of Zurich
Lake Zurich
Temporary Art Installation on Lake Zurich

5 thoughts on “Zurich, Switzerland: First Impressions #01

    1. The thermal baths look amazing! Won’t get a chance to visit them this time (and it’s a bit hard with an 8 month old), although they have a very generous policy of letting 1 + year olds in the baths for a maximum of 30 minutes!
      The pictures look stunning, will have to come back in winter and have a view of the city with a blanket of snow 😉

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