Happy New Year


There’s something about New Years that I just kind of love. It’s the idea of a fresh start. A new beginning and a clean slate. A new year planner, full of blank white sheets and promise. Fresh pages to write neatly on.

It’s a  chance to reflect on what you’ve achieved and what you would like to accomplish. And if you’ve been feeling bogged down and heavy, it’s a chance to hit the re-set button and just start again.

Even though New Years Resolutions can draw eye rolls, I also kind of love them. I love that they’re filled with hope and promise. Reminders of all the fun and worthwhile things that you can achieve if you really want to.

Next year I would like to will run a half marathon.

And tomorrow, it will be this year that I am running a half marathon.

In 2012 we celebrated New Years at my fiancé’s apartment with a great view of the city (and fireworks) in Melbourne. This year, we are celebrating at my Mum’s house in the suburbs of Melbourne. We will have an 11 month old in bed, and we bought sparklers to celebrate. And even though it won’t be as spectacular as the city fireworks (and I may struggle to stay awake until midnight), it will be nice to celebrate together.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy 2017! I hope you have as much fun doing all the great things next year as you had planning them 🙂

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